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Support Policies and Limitations

What We Support:

  • We will refund you if you accidentally placed duplicate orders.
  • We will send your download email again if you didn't receive it.
  • We will send you a new download link if your link expired.
  • *We will assist you if there is a problem with the product that is caused by us.

*While it isn't impossible for this to occur, please note that it is very rare. We work very hard to test everything before selling a product. In most cases where people blame us for a problem, we find no problem with the product itself, and end up wasting significant time testing. Additionally, issues with downloading are rarely caused by anything on our end. Read our support section before assuming we are at fault.

What We Don't Support

  • Teaching you how to use software like Microsoft Word
  • Teaching you basic computer skills like opening zip files
  • Troubleshooting printer issues
  • Assisting with using any of our products on mobile devices
  • Anything you could resolve by reading our support materials
  • Anything not explicitly listed under the list of things we support

Refund Policy

We don't provide support for anything not listed under "What We Support." We only issue refunds for these support requests. Note that if we issue a refund, you won't be allowed to order again. The refund also revokes your license to use the product you purchased. If you receive a refund, you need to delete the files and stop using the product.

Explanation of This Policy

We believe the best customer service comes from preventing problems before they occur. We have done this well enough that most of the few support requests we still receive are coming from people who don't read support materials, don't respect support limitations, etc. Far less than 1% of our customers ever request support. Because of this, we have adopted a strict support policy to allow us to focus on expanding our network of sites and creating more printables.

Contact Information

Email us at for assistance. Before contacting us, please make sure you have read the information on this page. We don't make exceptions to our support policies if you choose to not read or respect them.

Include the following in your email:

  • Your PayPal email address.
  • The name of the product(s) you ordered and the site where you ordered it.
  • A detailed description of your issue. This should include a description of what you are doing and what is happening including any error messages.

What to Expect

We usually reply within a few hours if you contact us during US business hours.

Do not:

  • Send multiple emails unless you are adding important information to a previous email. We generally reply within a few hours if you contact us during normal US business hours. Be patient.
  • Send a vague description of the issue. We don't know anything other than what you tell us.
  • Request support before reading our support section.
  • Request support at any email address other than We don't monitor other addresses for support requests.
  • Be rude. Using all caps, profanity, abusive language or anything similar will not be tolerated.

Doing anything listed above will result in you being refunded and not receiving support. See details under "Refund Policy" on this page.