How to Download Your Product

Table of Contents

Downloading Your Product

You will receive a download link via email after purchasing. The email will be sent to your PayPal email address. You need to follow the link in the email to download your file. You can't download the file directly from our site even if PayPal redirects you back to the site (this is something PayPal does, not something we set up).

If you experience any problems with downloading, please read the tips on the rest of this page before contacting us. It is extremely rare for a download issue to be caused by anything on our end.

Downloading on a Tablet or Phone

Many customers think downloading isn't working when trying to download on a phone or table. This is usually not the case. What is actually happening is they are downloading the files successfully multiple times. The believe the download isn't working due to the limitations of mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Unlike Windows, these operating systems don't natively allow access to the files, which is required to access your download. You will need to download a file explorer app from your app store in order to access the file. You may need to download other apps to do things like unzip, edit, or print the files. If you choose to use a mobile device with our files, you are responsible for figuring out which apps you need and how to use them.

Opening Files Instead of Downloading

You need to make sure you are actually downloading the file rather than opening it. If your browser gives you a choice of downloading or opening the file, make sure you choose to download it. If you don't see that option, try right clicking and selecting "Save Link As" (or the equivalent in your browser).

Is Your Download Blocked By Security Software or Policies?

If you use a firewall, antivirus software, or anything similar, you may need to adjust settings in your software to download the file. Note that you may also be restricted in using or downloading files if your workplace or school has security restrictions in place. You need to contact your network administrator for help with this.

Contact us and we will send you a new link. We recommend backing up the file so you won't have to contact us for a new link. You can do this by emailing yourself a copy of the file (as an attachment) or using a service like Dropbox.

Watermarks Are Included in Product

If you are seeing watermarks on the file you downloaded, you aren't following the download link from the email. You are downloading and/or opening the free version of the file from our site rather than paid version of the file. Additionally, if a product includes copyright and/or usage terms (at the bottom of the page or elsewhere, not on the design itself), those are different from watermarks and aren't removed unless otherwise noted. They will appear on free and paid versions of the item.

The File Is Corrupt

If you receive an error that the file is corrupt when trying to open it, here are a few things to try:

  • Try downloading it again. Sometimes a file doesn't download properly. Downloading again may resolve the issue.
  • Make sure the file has been unzipped before opening. This is only applicable if the product is delivered as a zip file.
  • Use a compatible program for the type of file you are trying to open.