Printing Tips

Table of Contents

Basic Tips

If a product is delivered as a zip file, you need to unzip the file(s) before printing them.

If you are printing a PDF file, we recommend using Adobe Reader for the best results. Other PDF readers display a small number of our PDF files incorrectly.

You may see some unwanted lines in PDF files. Note that these are normal. They won't show up when you print.

Printed Colors Don't Match What I See on the Screen

Colors may appear differently in print compared to what you see on screen. This is normal. The differences will usually be slight. However, more significant differences may occur depending on your monitor settings, printer, and other factors. Visit this site for a more technical explanation.

Printing to the Edge of the Paper

You need a printer that supports borderless printing in order to print to the edge of a piece of paper. Note that this only applies to designs without white space around the edges. Please check the documentation for your printer to determine if your printer supports this. Note that some printers may support borderless printing on smaller photo paper, but not 8.5 x 11 paper.

If you need to print to the edge, but your printer doesn't support it, you may be able to use a professional printing service. They will usually be able to print to the edge or trim the white edges for you.

Printing at the Correct Size

Many of our printables are sized to print at specific dimensions. If you find a printout isn't at the correct size, you need to make sure you set your printer to print at full size. This will be an option in your printer settings. In Adobe Reader, this option is labeled "Actual Size." Other programs may use different language.

Printer Paper

Our products are sized for 8.5 x 11 paper (letter size) unless stated otherwise. You may use standard printer paper or card stock. For items like name tags or bookmarks where durability is important, card stock will work better.

Using a Professional Printing Service

Some of our products may be printed using a printing service. However, please note that some of our products and free downloads do include usage terms in the files that may prevent some printing services from printing. They generally won't print something that is labeled for personal use only. Information on when this applies is included on each site, so check this before trying to use a printing service.

We use RGB colors for our printables unless otherwise noted. You need to check with your printing service to see if they can work with that color space.